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Ten Ways to Engage Your Husband in Party Planning

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If your husband is anything like mine, he is a great resource for party planning once you get him involved. However, getting him involved may take a little time and planning. Here are ten ways I have found to get my husband into the party planning mood.

1. Give him specific tasks. There is a lot to do when planning a party. Give your husband one or two specific tasks, like the bounce house and slide rental, or getting the yard ready.

2. Ask for his opinions. Don’t just assign tasks. Ask what he thinks and implement his ideas.

3. Don’t bore him with details. Don’t ask him about every little detail. Let him work on one or two fun aspects and handle the little things your self.

4. Let him be your hero. Give him tasks that are too, “tough,” for you, like helping set up the rental obstacle course, or carrying the party groceries in from the car.

5. Invite other fathers. There will be other adult women at the party for you to socialize with. Make sure some of the other fathers are coming so your husband has some peers there as well.

6. Act like a team. You might be the expert in party planning, but you are not his boss. Make sure you treat him like an equal partner.

7. Let him make, “mistakes.” He might do things differently than you would. That is okay. Allow him to do things his way, and try not to say anything about it, unless it is a compliment.

8. Make sure he hears you. Maybe you don’t think taking care of the rental tables is such a complicated task that it requires a sit-down conversation, but you will when the tables don’t arrive. Make sure you ask your husband to help when he is not distracted with other things.

9. Trust him. Nothing can discourage a husband from getting involved more than constant nagging. Once you are sure he has heard you, trust him to get his task done.

10. Reinforce his efforts. Thank your husband for handling the bounce rentals. Reward him for helping clean up. This makes him want to help more often.

I find that most husbands want to be involved with their kid’s parties. They are just intimidated by the expertise of their wives. All they really need is a little encouragement, specific tasks, and room to play, and they will have just as much fun planning as you do.

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