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Summer Party Safety: Being the “Fun” Mom Doesn’t Mean Sacrificing Safety

jump for all children's safety

If you are anything like me, then you put a lot of effort into planning the thematic and fun details of your children’s parties. Even little details, like arranging rental party tables and chairs, excite me for some reason. In all of that excitement it is easy to let safety slip. However, when you are responsible for the wellbeing of not just your own children, but also their little friends, it is important you put some extra thought into how you will manage safety before and during the party.

Before the party, make sure you plan for safety. Contact the parents of each of the children who will be attending and ask about any special concerns, especially food allergies. Make sure they know the exact drop off and pick up time, and make a list of the parents who will be staying to make sure you have adequate supervision. If your child is young, feel free to limit the number of guests. If you are inviting the whole class, then you can require parents to stay with their child.

When arranging any rentals, be sure you are dealing with a reputable company with high standards of safety. Bouncing rentals are a lot of fun, but make sure you arrange for set-up and take-down, and ask plenty of questions about safety features and proper usage. Another thing to keep in mind when hiring jumpers in Los Angeles is the weather. It can get hot in the summer, so make sure you have plenty of liquids on hand, and the rental is erected in the shade. If you are hiring entertainers, make sure you check their references and have an exact idea of the activities they will lead with the children.

When children arrive at the party it is a good idea to gather them as a group and point out any special areas or time frames. Let them know when there will be cake, and go over any bounce rental rules. Also, let them know if there are areas that are off-limits, such as the pool. Arrange your activities to manage energy levels, integrating calm activities between more exciting ones, and always make sure every activity has adequate supervision.

Safety is not the funnest part of party planning, but it is the most important. Only when your guests are safe can they really enjoy your party. Other parents will appreciate your efforts, and you will be asked to keep throwing stellar parties for years to come.

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