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Planning Your Child’s Party at a Park

Jump for All Park Party

Most of the time it is easiest to plan a party at home, but sometimes that just isn’t possible. Sometimes there are too many guests, or not enough space for decorations and fun party add-ons you might want to treat your kids to. Holding a party at a public park is a great way to ensure there is lots of space and appropriate play areas for the children, however, it can be a bit tricky to navigate. There are extra steps if you plan to make a bounce house rental, or need electricity. If you are planning a party in a park it is highly important that you plan ahead, and make the proper arrangements.

Renting Space

Space for parties can book early in Los Angeles. To get the place you want at the park you want it is important to get started early. I suggest finding a couple of parks where you might want to hold your party and going into their offices to discuss rates and dates at least three months before your party. Go in with a list of specific questions regarding whether you will have to rent tables, and whether you will have access to electricity. Also, have your party’s activities planned to make sure they are all allowed in the park and ask about any extra fees. Booking a space in a park can be as inexpensive as twenty-five dollars for a half day, but if you need electricity and a larger space, be prepared to pay closer to two-hundred.

Securing Extras

When you rent a space in a park you are only renting the space. In order to make your party comfortable and fun you will have to look into extra rentals. You should look into table and chair rentals early, as well as any inflatables. Again, Los Angeles jumper rentals can be booked well in advance, so if you have your heart set on a specific jumper for your party, plan early. Make sure that the company you work with will deliver to the park you are holding your party, and ask about set up and take down of their equipment. Also, ask about electricity needs in order to make sure they work with your space.

Having a party in a park can be a lot of fun, and can actually be less work than child-proofing your home for a party. It is just important that you plan well in advance, make the appropriate calls, and budget a little extra for the fees.

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