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Overnight Outdoor Party Ideas

jump for all night party

In Orange County summers get hot, and there are only three solutions to beat the heat and still give your child the opportunity to have a great birthday party. Your party either has to be indoors, at the pool, or at night. Sleepover parties are a right of passage for many children, and a lot of fun and stress for parents. I’ve put together some ideas I have learned from hosting sleepovers that should help you put a successful overnight party together.

Night time parties tend to be more informal than daytime parties, so you probably don’t need to rent tables. Instead try setting up a picnic around softly glowing lamps. This creates a feeling of camping that will prepare your guests for eventually sleeping outside. Speaking of sleeping, make sure you have extra blankets for guests, even if you ask them to bring their own, as it can get chilly in the morning hours.

As for activities, many daytime games are more interesting for children when it is dark. Many companies will do overnight bounce house rentals in Orange County, which can be a great surprise for an evening party. However, when most people see a bounce house in the yard they immediately think of high-energy jumping activities. Try to come up with more relaxing activities, like stargazing while laying in the jumper, or rolling and stretching instead of bouncing. When you rent bounce inflatables, make sure you discuss overnight rates, and safety standards for usage at sleepovers.

Most importantly, realize that many younger children may not be completely comfortable staying away from home overnight. Ask before the party if any of your guests will be sleeping away for the first time, and make sure you have emergency contact information for all of the attendee’s parents in case they get homesick. By limiting the number of guests you can insure that you are able to give attention to any child that might be feeling anxious as, “lights-out” nears. One great way to combat homesickness is to make sure you enforce a reasonable bedtime, and help the children go through their nightly ritual of getting in pajamas and brushing their teeth.

Overnight parties can definitely be a lot of work. They last longer than a daytime party, and there are more safety risks. However, with a bit of planning they can be a fun and memorable experience for your child and their friends.

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