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Group Games for Bouncy Houses

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In Los Angeles, bounce house rentals are a popular addition to children’s events. Whether a bounce house is used at a birthday party or a school festival, it is sure to be a big hit with kids of all ages. Depending on your event, and the number of kids present, it may be enough to simply allow “open jumping,” for a limited amount of time. However, I find that when I rent a bounce house I want to get the most out of it, and that means planning fun games that will keep my kids and their friends engaged for the whole day.

The types of games you will be able to play depend on what type of bounce house you rent. A bounce house with slide gives more motivation for children to exit the bounce house when they are, “out” of a game. If there isn’t a fun way to exit the house you might think about playing games where no one is, “out.”

Tag, with all of its variations, is a great game to play in a bounce house. One of my favorite ways to play is to give each kid a tail made out of ribbon or crepe paper that they tuck into the back of their shorts. One kid does not get a tail, and it is their job to collect the tails of the other kids. However, once a kid looses his tail, he should help steal the tails from the remaining kids, until no one has a tail left.

Quieter group games include, “Simon Says,” or “Giggles.” In Simon Says, a leader chooses different poses and actions the rest of the group should follow. The group should obey only if the leader begins his or her command with, “Simon Says.” Giggles is a good game for calming a group of kids down. They lay across the bounce house with one kid’s head on the previous kid’s stomach. The first child begins by saying, “Ha!” The second child says repeats, adding another “Ha!” to the end. The kids count how many, “ha’s” they can get to before they begin to giggle.

There are endless amounts of games that can be played inside a jump house. You can find many group games online or in children’s activity books and adapt them to use in a bounce house. It is important to consider safety first, and to be very clear with your instructions as the children may be too excited to listen. However, taking the time to play games together greatly increases the amount of fun and memories your children will have in the bounce house.

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