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Getting the Best Pictures of Your Outdoor Party

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Whether you are throwing a party for the end of the school year, or your child’s birthday, it is an event you will want to remember for years to come. With the advancements in cameras anyone can take photos, but it takes a little patience and planning to get great photos. If you are investing in party supplements, like bakery cakes and a bounce house, then you definitely want to make sure you properly document the event. While almost any camera will give decent quality photos, you have to do a little planning to get the best shots.

First, it is important to assign the task of photography to one or two responsible adults. This way you can be sure the photos will be taken, and the parents who are not taking photos can feel free to engage with the kids. Sometimes an older sibling comes to the party and it is great to get them engaged by making them the official photographer. They may feel too cool to jump with the little ones in the bounce house, until you give them a camera as an excuse. Of course, make sure they know how to work your camera and can be trusted to take pictures throughout the entire party.

Second, you should know the flow of your party and which shots you really want. If you made any bounce house rentals you will definitely want pictures of the kids playing in them. You will also want posed pictures with cake and presents, and plenty of candid shots. Make a short list of the photos you want and keep them attached to your camera case.

Lastly, take some time to learn a little about photography. You don’t have to be an expert photographer, but you will get better pictures if you understand a little about your automatic settings. When in doubt, use a sport setting and multi-burst shot. Another great feature in most cameras is the auto-focus. For example, press the shutter button halfway and allow the camera to focus on a child about to come down the bounce house slide. The camera will keep the kid in focus, and you just have to fully press the button when they are halfway down for a great shot.

Parties should be remembered, and taking pictures is a fun and interactive way to gather those memories. Make sure you step out of your role as photographer and interact with the kids. Get down on their level and see the party through their eyes, letting your camera do the work for you, and you will end up with priceless family photographs.


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