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Finding the Perfect Theme for Your Child’s Party

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Parties built around a theme come together more easily, and they are more fun to attend than generic parties. Once you choose a theme, it is easy to find inspiration for food, games, bounce house rentals, entertainment, and decorations. However, taking that first step and committing to a theme can be a bit intimidating. Here are some things to consider when choosing your child’s theme.

Most importantly, engage your child in choosing the theme. A five year old might not be able to understand the nitty-gritty details of party planning, but they can certainly express their opinions when it comes to overall themes. Talk to them early and see what ideas excite them. Try making several suggestions before bringing up any of your child’s current obsessions. This way they will consider fun ideas that they would not usually think of. However, if your child really wants that dinosaur themed party, go with it.

When choosing a theme you should allow yourself and your child to be inspired by the location of the party. Will it be in your back yard, at the beach, or at a local park? Walk around some potential locations, play there for a day, and make-believe different scenarios with your child. If possible, note how other parents have incorporated rental slides or other extras into the space. Not only will it be an exciting activity for the both of you, but you may come up with some awesome party ideas.

Finally, don’t limit your imagination with extras or budget concerns. Some parents make the mistake of basing their theme on which jumper rental in Los Angeles is available, often limiting themselves to mediaeval castle themes, and adventure themes that go with obstacle course rentals. With a bit of creativity, any extras can be worked into the theme you have chosen. For example, a castle can become an underwater sea-castle, or lost ruins in the middle of the jungle. Also, any theme can be achieved on any budget by creatively cutting corners, like making decorations yourself, or having the children prepare their own snacks as part of the fun.

Choosing and developing a theme is probably the best part of party planning. Remember to have fun with it, and to involve your little one as much as possible. No matter which theme you choose, if you develop it fully and let the other guests in on the concept, it will turn out great.

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