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Dealing with Fights: How to Keep Your Children Playing Nice at Their Party

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Setting up a party can be a lot of fun, but sometimes it makes me a little bit anxious. After sending out invitations, enlisting the help of other parents, and making the appropriate rental of party tables and chairs, I want everything to go perfectly. Unfortunately, a group of twenty ten-year-olds don’t always have the social grace to endure an afternoon without conflict. Kids will get into arguments, but just because a fight starts doesn’t mean the party is ruined. Here are the some ways I have found to deal with fights at a party.

The best way to deal with fights is to prevent them rather than manage them. Before the party make sure you talk with your own children about appropriate party behavior. Discuss what it means to be a gracious host and how they should interact with their guests. Once the guests arrive you should have another short talk with all of the kids about the rules they are expected to follow during the party. This doesn’t need to be a formal discussion, but take the time to gather the guests, thank them for coming, point out any rules for special areas, like the jump house or pool, and get them excited about games you will be playing later. This little talk helps to remind children of appropriate party manners.

A lot of fights happen at parties because the children get overly excited and end up a little rough with each other. It is your job to monitor energy levels to makes sure party guests are not getting out of control. You can help control the energy level by doing little things such as limiting the number of children in any bounce rentals at any given time, limiting the amount of sweets the children ingest, and mixing up high energy activities with low energy options such as painting or craft projects. Controlling the flow of energy throughout a party makes it less likely that the guests will get overly emotional and begin to fight.

If a fight does happen at your party, just remember that they are normal. Depending on the level of aggression you might be able to simply remind the guests of appropriate manners, or you may have to separate them from the festivities for a short time. Most children will calm down and be ready to play nice after a short time out. After all, kids want to have a great time at their party, too.

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