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“Are My Kids Too Old For Inflatables?” Balancing Play and Growing Up

jump for all for teens

Planning a party for a five year old can be a lot of work, but generally you know that work will be rewarded with smiles and excitement on the day of a party. Planning a party for a preteen or teenager is a whole different game. They have a lot of their own opinions and desires that need to be calculated into the planning. For many birthdays I splurge and do a rental bounce activity of some sort. They are usually the highlight of the party, but I am beginning to wonder just when my children will be, “too old,” to enjoy such amusements.

Many jumper rentals in Los Angeles are made by high schools for graduation events. If a group of high school seniors can enjoy a jump house, then surely they are appropriate for any age. The question is how to integrate them into the party. Fifteen-year-olds do not interact with each other the same way ten year olds do, and they certainly will not expect to play the same games in a bounce house that they did when they were five. Perhaps they will want their party in the evening, with music and lights set up in the inflatable, to make it into a dance party. Maybe they will want to have a night party and watch the stars while laying in the bouncing house. Of course, they might want to unwind and just pretend they are five years old again.

The best way to figure out if an inflatable is right for your child’s party is to discuss it with them. There may be a few years when your child is, “too cool,” to rent an obstacle course or something similar. They might have different interests and desires, and you should be okay with that. Planning a party with your child, instead of for them, is a great way to bond with them and get to know the young adult they are becoming. However, you can remind them of the fun they had on inflatables during their younger years, and discuss innovative ways to integrate one into their current parties.

Whether your child is too old for an inflatable has nothing to do with their age. Ultimately, it is all about their developing preferences. There is no age that is too old to be silly and have fun with friends, and renting an inflatable is a great way to encourage that.

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